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Business Logic Expressions

Easily embed business logic to create the robust mobile forms your enterprise needs. Add conditions, arithmetic functions, and more to enhance the functionality of your mobile forms.

Business Logic Expressions

Introducing Miracle Studio’s Expression Engine

Enhance the functionality of your mobile forms using Miracle Studio’s Expression Engine. Write expressions using special keywords to control the visibility of controls, trigger actions, calculate arithmetic expressions, and more.

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Gain More Control on Your Mobile Forms’ Actions

Define how users interact with your mobile forms and the controls they contain. Create conditional rules with keywords which can be used in math, text, and date and time functions. Define actions which occur when certain conditions are met.

Gain More Control on Your Mobile Forms’ Actions

Add Business Logic to Every Aspect of Your Forms

Create different expressions to add logic to every part of your forms – from the values to populate fields to who to send form data to. Enhance the security of your forms and their controls using expressions, limiting their visibility or access to specific users or roles.

Brainstorm. Write. Publish.

Brainstorm before writing a business logic expression. Publish your mobile form and enjoy the robust performance you added to it.

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Enterprises Currently Enjoying this Feature

The following clients are using Miracle Studio’s Expression Engine to create sophisticated forms with business logic. Will your logo be featured along these industry leaders soon?

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