Industry: Civil Engineering | Company size: 10-50 employees


Since commencing its operations in 1994, Asphaltech established its name as a leading pavement and road surfacing company in Western Australia. It was the first to introduce Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) into the WA market, providing clients with improved durability, performance, and value for money.

In addition to top quality asphalt surfacing products, the company is committed to customer satisfaction and adhering to quality standards. Both of its locations have been awarded certificates such as the Bureau Veritas Certification for Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Asphaltech has expanded to Melbourne, Victoria in 2004, and earned accolades such as the 2016 Astec Australia Industry Leadership. The company has also started a new civil construction division for a variety of works, including drainage, road works, and underground services.


The Problem

Health and safety is a vital part of Asphaltech’s day-to-day processes. The company takes pride in establishing a culture of continuous safety improvement, and maintaining a safe work environment through appropriate policies and procedures.

Despite incorporating the latest technological advancements, the company was still relying on paper forms. This resulted in delays in communicating safety information, and administration burden while handling these forms. The later was inevitable as more time and resources were dedicated to handling and duplicating paper forms.

The Solution

Asphaltech contacted Miracle Mobile to help it improve its operation efficiency and mobilize its safety forms. Miracle Mobile’s Team created around 12 forms which aim to achieve the following:

  • Record detailed descriptions of the work employees perform more effectively
  • Document clients’ instructions to add further clarification to contract documents
  • Mobilize site diaries and, ultimately, automate the storage of these records
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of visual inspections and risk analysis
  • Promote a safe working environment through safety mobile forms and checklists
  • Improve the company’s purchase requisition process to prevent delays
  • Ensure employees follow the best practices and adhere to compliance regulations
  • Report accidents promptly along with investigation results and corrective action recommendations

Made available through the standard Miracle Mobile App, the forms are secured by login authentication. Asphaltech’s team could create users and set their login credentials directly from Miracle Studio. Users can then be designated roles based on who they report to, their departments, or position titles.

Upon successfully logging in, users could collect data quicker and more accurately through controls such as Pickers and Image Capture. Users could also access numerous checklists which provided them with tables and guidance to perform tasks better. The latter was especially helpful in training new employees joining the workforce.

Once users sign off on a form and tap on ‘Submit’, a PDF version of the form is sent to a designated email. Users can also select the names of supervisors to send a copy of their forms to. This further streamlines reporting while ensuring decision makers take the necessary action to curb hazards.

The Result

Asphaltech has been working closely with Miracle Mobile to ensure their forms meet their unique requirements. Managers have expressed their satisfaction with the forms and app. According to their reviews, they especially appreciate the ability to fill forms offline and then submit them instantly once connected to an internet connectivity.

Since rolling out its mobile forms in the fourth quarter of 2018, Asphaltech has been able to save $40,340 on its form submissions alone. As Asphaltech gears up to roll the app across a larger group, we expect the company’s savings to increase further by 25% at the least.

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