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Mobile Forms
Forms Designer

Design the mobile forms your enterprise needs without using a single line of code. Simply drag and drop Text Box, Signature Panel, Barcode Reader, Image Picker, Location, Uploader, and other configurable controls.

‘Mobilize’ All Your Paper Forms in Minutes

With Miracle Studio, transform your checklists, inspection forms, and other paper documents into mobile forms. Design your forms, integrate services and data stores, then publish onto all your enterprise’s devices.

Take a Peak at Miracle Studio

Miracle Studio delivers both great design and functionality. Simply design professional-looking forms once, and publish them simultaneously to all iOS, Android, and Windows devices across your enterprise.  

Cater to All the Devices in Your Enterprise

Deliver the polished user experience which native apps provide. Simply design and publish to push your mobile forms to Miracle App for iOS, Android, and Windows simultaneously. With Miracle Studio, you can save the time and resources you would otherwise spend on designing for each platform separately.

Take a Peak at Miracle Studio

Easily embed business logic to create the robust mobile forms your enterprise needs. With Miracle Studio’s Expression Engine, type in conditions, arithmetic functions, and more to enhance the functionality of your forms.

Complement Great Design with Great Functionality

The Expression Engine is a powerful tool which enables you to write expressions for binding logic and data. By using keywords such as Entity and MatchDates, you can add utility functions for string manipulation, math, and logical functions. Adding sophisticated functionality to your forms cannot get any easier.

Take a Peak at Miracle Studio

With Miracle Studio’s PDF Templates, you can add templates which define how submitted form data appears in PDF documents. Simply upload the HTML file containing your design, configure your forms to use the template, and receive your forms in professional-looking PDF files.  

Generate Sleek PDF Documents with Your Branding

With PDF Templates, you can send mobile form data to designated users in polished, professional PDF documents which adhere to the high standards of the business world. In addition to creating attractive documents that are unique to your enterprise, the templates maintain document consistency. It also allows documents to be shared faster and more efficiently.

Find Out How to Email Form Data as PDF

Miracle Studio give you multiple levels of access control to secure your mobile forms. Limit the visibility of certain fields and categories, secure pages and forms, and manage which devices run Miracle App – all from one place.  

Manage Access to Your Forms Easily

Miracle Mobile Forms provides enterprises with ways to control access to controls, forms and pages, and Miracle App itself. Configure form controls, categories, and pages to be shown to specific employees based on their roles or other criteria. View which devices have your mobile forms app enabled, then enable or disable them accordingly.

Limit the Visibility of Mobile Form Fields

Secure Categories, Pages, and Forms

Try this feature out in the Injury-Illness Case Note form in Ready2Use Forms

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