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Save form data directly on your enterprise’s Microsoft SQL databases with Miracle Studio’s MS SQL Connector. Complement the security provided by MS SQL with the one offered by Miracle App and Miracle Studio, ensuring the integrity of your data.

Submit Securely to MS SQL Databases

Configure the MS SQL Connector in Miracle Studio to ensure data collected via Miracle App is securely submitted to your databases. With a few details from IT, you can easily set up the connector and map the controls you wish to populate your database with.

How to Submit Miracle App’s Form Data to MS SQL Databases

Configure your mobile forms to deliver your data directly to your enterprise’s database. With every submission, your My SQL database will be promptly updated with new data.

Get Your Data Delivered Securely

Ensure your form submissions reach your enterprise database systems securely. Configure Miracle’s MySql Connector, map the controls on your form to your database, and enjoy the ease of delivering data directly and securely to your data stores.

Send Form Data to MS SQL or My SQL Databases

Restrict access to the mobile forms you create with Authentication Connectors. Secure your data by authenticating users against the enterprise’s Active Directory service or Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Alternatively, manage access using Miracle’s User Management Connector.

Manage Access to Your Forms Easily

With the ADFS SAML or Active Directory authentication connectors, authenticate users to ensure the security of your data and provide single sign-on access to systems and applications across your organization. Miracle Mobile Forms also offers the User Management Connector to manage users and their roles directly from Miracle Studio. As it eliminates the need for an enterprise authentication and identity provider such as Active Directory, the User Management Connector enables forms to be rolled out faster.

Secure Your Mobile Forms with Authentication Connectors

Gain insights on the go by integrating Power BI with Miracle App. Connect your mobile forms to Microsoft’s business analytics tools suite, and reap the benefits of a 360-degree view of your enterprise.

Get the Data You Need to Succeed at Your Fingertips

Miracle App allows you to accurately and effectively collect important data. With Power BI integration, enterprises can use this data to gain insight and plan action. Not only does this simplify management and help achieve compliance, it enhances enterprises’ decision-making capabilities and increases their chances of success.

Ensure the security of Miracle App and your form data by authenticating users against the enterprise’s Active Directory. Simply configure the Active Directory Authentication Connector to effectively manage user data and security.

Authenticate Miracle App Users via Active Directory

Deliver Active Directory’s robustness and security-enhancing capabilities to Miracle App. By easily configuring the Active Directory Authentication Connector, you can extend the Microsoft system’s authentication and authorization mechanisms in minutes.

Secure Your Mobile Forms with Active Directory

Connect your mobile forms to a growing range of Microsoft Services. Gain access to your data and enjoy the ease of integrating with MS Office applications.

Get Access to Office 365 and Productivity-Enhancing Services

With the Windows Azure AD Connector, enterprises integrate one of the top identity management solutions. You also get to securely sync identity data between mobile forms and Office 365 as well as Azure AD-integrated applications. Enjoy the enhanced productivity and efficiency offered through this Miracle Connector.  

Connect your mobile forms to SharePoint. Gain access to your data and enjoy the ease of integrating with Microsoft’s document management and storage system.

Bring the Best of SharePoint and Mobile Forms Together

Configure the SharePoint 2013 Connector to go beyond capturing data with Miracle App. By adding a few details to set up the connector, prepare to benefit from the platform’s best features, including content and document management, extranets and internal portals, and enterprise search.

Integrate SharePoint 2013 with Your Forms

Send mobile form data securely over mobile connections by configuring SMTP settings in Miracle Studio. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing to send your data in different formats.

Make Email Simple Again

Miracle Mobile Forms simplifies emailing data collected via mobile forms. From Miracle Studio, set up a mail client to efficiently deliver data to your employees. You can easily set up the option of sending data in HTML, a format used across a majority of CRMs and other business systems.  Alternatively, allow designated recipients to receive relevant data in customized PDF documents.

Send Emails Securely over Mobile Connections

Email Form Data in PDF Documents

Deliver Form Data in HTML Format

Add functionality with Miracle Mobile Form’s Web Services Connectors. With just four details from your enterprise’s IT department, connect your forms to SOAP and RESTful web services.

Upload, Download and Do Much More with Web Services

Integrate your mobile forms with your enterprise’s web services within minutes. Our Web Services Connectors extend SOAP and REST web services to your forms, giving users more control and allowing your mobile forms to truly become part of your enterprise’s IT infrastructure.

Securely Connect Your Forms to Web Services

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