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Mobile Forms
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Miracle App’s Photo Capture allows you to convey important details without typing long paragraphs of text. Click a picture or select one from your device, attach it to your form, and then share with stakeholders what you saw.

Tap into the Power of Visual Information

Adding photos to forms allows you to document important information and communicate it faster than detailed descriptions and notes. In fact, visual information is processed 60,000 times faster in the brain, ensuring quicker response to risks, hazards, and the like. This further results in better time management in the long run.

Capture and Attach Photos to Mobile Forms

With File Uploader, you can securely upload files with your forms to further support your data and findings. Upload a video, audio, or document to your company’s business systems, and give decision-makers the data they need to guarantee success.

Go Beyond Textual Data for More Insight

Image Audio Documents
JPEG MP3 Word processing document

Spreadsheet file

GIF Windows Media Audio Presentation file
Bitmap Rich Text Format
Comma-Separated Values file
Portable Document Format

Upload and Send Files via Mobile Forms

The Signature Panel offers you an easy way to quickly collect eSignatures anywhere, anytime. With eSignatures, save time and money while streamlining record management. Cultivate a culture of accountability on and off site with legally-binding signatures on forms and reports.

Get Forms Signed in the Easiest, Fastest Way

From contract forms to human resource forms, eSignatures are vital for today’s forward-thinking enterprises. In addition to enabling them to transform into paperless enterprises, they eliminate human error and are compliant with regulations such as HIPAA.

Add Your Signature to Your Forms

Miracle App’s GPS Tracking allows enterprises to go beyond time stamping forms without lugging around clipboards, cameras, and GPS devices. Using your mobile device’s location services, communicate your coordinates in less than five taps.

Geo Stamp Forms in Less than 30 Seconds 

The GPS Tracking feature accurately captures your current location’s longitude and latitude, and submits it with your forms. In addition to helping identify the form, geo stamps validate the data collected in the form. They also provide visibility and insight project managers and stakeholders, enabling them to manage remotely and take timely action.

Discover the Ease of Geo Stamping Forms

The Barcode Scanner frees you from lugging around heavy scanners by transforming your mobile device into one. Simply aim your camera at a barcode to automatically capture its data and retrieve it into your mobile form.

Speed up Data Entry by Scanning Barcodes

With Barcode Scanner, you can eliminate manual data entry across your enterprise. From helping automate inventory management to tracking construction equipment, this feature can provide better quality data rapidly to promote better decision making.

Turn Any Mobile Device into a Barcode Scanner

With Photo Annotation, sketch or highlight areas of interest on your photos. Simply capture an image or select one from your device, and then tap on ‘Annotate’ to draw on it with the color of your choice. It’s simple, fast, and intuitive!

Boost Productivity with Image Annotations

Annotating images can boost your efficiency by allowing teams to quicker pinpoint issues and resolve them. Highlight an issue instead of typing a lengthy paragraph to get quicker responses. Communicate directly through the images and pinpoint inefficiencies, improving collaboration between on and off-site teams.

Redefine Collaboration with a Simple Annotation

Push Notifications communicate information, circulate announcements, or remind app users. Receive them instantly or on a specific date and time to avoid missing a task, form submission, or vital piece of information.

Never Miss an Important Task Again

Ensure the productivity of every member of the workforce via Push Notifications, even those in remote locations. Inform and remind employees without distracting them from their current tasks or overwhelming them with long emails.

Receive Alerts and Reminders on Mobile

Miracle App allows you to save your forms as drafts to return later and finalize changes. This improves the accuracy of data prior to submission and supports better decision-making.

Never Lose Form Data Again

The Drafts page in the mobile forms app contains all the forms that were saved as drafts. You can go back to any form to further fill it or simply review it prior to submission. In addition to allowing you to check the accuracy of your data, it protects it from being lost whenever you partially save your forms.

Save Mobile Forms Now to Submit Later

Miracle App’s offline capability allows you to fill forms and complete tasks, even in environments where Wi-Fi and LTE are unavailable. Enjoy an uninterrupted experience while collecting and submitting data wherever you are.

Stay Productive Even While Offline

Through its offline capabilities, the app ensures continuous productivity, regardless of whether you are operating in a rural area, underground, or out at sea. You can even submit your forms while your device is offline. The app will automatically sync your data and submissions in the background once connectivity is restored.

Discover All the Features of Miracle App

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