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Tap into the power of mobile workflows with Miracle Studio. Create new tasks, assign them, and ensure they are delivered on time.

Streamline Task Management the Right Way

Create tasks and approval workflows to enhance the efficiency of your workforce and improve accountability. Ensure the productivity of everyone on your team by assigning tasks to specific users or roles, even in bulk. Then, monitor their status directly from Miracle Studio to confirm they are done on time.

Ensure your employees never miss out on another task or form with prompt notifications on their mobile devices. Eliminate the inefficiencies caused by missed tasks, unfilled forms, and missed deadlines.

Reduce Communication Gaps and Productivity Losses

Simply assign an approval task, task, or form from Miracle Studio. A push notification will alert Miracle App users to check new tasks in My Tasks and carry them out before the deadline. This improves communication across enterprises, especially those with a remote workforce.

Through the My Tasks screen in Miracle App, take full control and responsibility of all the tasks entrusted to you. Ensure all tasks are carried out and forms are filled on time.

Never Miss a Task Again

Miracle App’s My Tasks allows you to view task details, deadlines, and other important details which ensure your productivity wherever you are. For managers and supervisors, the screen displays tasks or forms which require their approval first. This reduces their dependency on emails and eliminates problems such as lost communications.

Give Miracle App users the ease of approving tasks and forms directly from their mobile devices. Create workflows which sync your mobile forms app and service to go beyond collecting data.

Workflow Management Made Easier

Microsoft Flow complements Miracle App, enabling enterprises to do more with less. It automates workflows, saving the time and manual labor spent on transferring information. With Flow part of your mobile forms, focus on tasks, get ahead of your workload, and enjoy elevated productivity levels.

Try this feature out in the Injury-Illness Case Note form in Ready2Use Forms

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