Microsoft Flow

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Microsoft Flow

Automate processes as well as tasks by integrating Microsoft Flow. Create multi-step flows, approval workflows, and much more to make the most of your mobile forms data.

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Microsoft Flow

Do More with Less Using Microsoft Flow

Complement the efficiency and productivity offered by Miracle Mobile Forms with Microsoft Flow. Automate tasks, send advanced notifications, integrate other services, and do much more through a single platform.

High Productivity

Achieve Higher Productivity Quicker

Automate your processes to save the time and manual labor spent on transferring information. Get your workforce to focus more on their tasks and get ahead of their workload.

Automate More with Less Coding

Build custom workflows which connect Miracle Mobile Forms and hundreds of services swiftly, without writing a single line of code. Configure your workflows and get started with your work within the hour.

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Create. Automate. Achieve.

Create workflows with Microsoft Flow and automate your tasks in Miracle Mobile Forms. Achieve your company’s goals faster with higher productivity levels and a focused workforce.

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