Microsoft SQL

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Microsoft SQL

Save form data directly on your enterprise’s Microsoft SQL databases. Define a table to submit form data into, and watch as your data transforms into a new row in real-time.

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Microsoft SQL

Integrate Quickly without Coding

Integrate your mobile forms with Microsoft SQL within minutes, without writing a single line of code. Simply add a few details courtesy of IT and map the form controls you wish to populate your database with.

Send Data Securely to MS SQL

Secure your mobile form submissions to MS SQL with industry standard multi-layer security measures. Ensure the safety and authenticity of the data added to your Microsoft SQL data stores.

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Use Microsoft SQL Data in Forms

Get the most from our two-way data access. Configure the MS SQL connector, then fetch and use your SQL data into your mobile forms.

Configure. Store. Use.

Configure the MS SQL connector to store form submissions in MS SQL. Use the data as you wish to gain insight into your operations and maximize profits

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