MiracleTek’s Onboarding App Introduced at SRUC 2016

MiracleTek has partnered with talent management experts to discuss latest innovations in the industry and introduce enterprise mobility.

PERTH, WA – June 14, 2016 – MiracleTek joined SilkRoad customers, experts  and talent management thought leaders at the 2016 SilkRoad User Conference, in Chandler, Arizona. An impressive list of industry experts provided insights on the latest HR trends, including Molly Fletcher, Cheryl Cran, and Bob Kelleher. MiracleTek also took an active part in the conference, introducing the ‘MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad’.

Designed to complement the talent management system, SilkRoad, MiracleTek Onboarding App extends functionality and modernizes its existing onboarding web-based product via mobile app. It provides new hires and HR personnel flexibility and convenience through a range of features.  These include electronic signatures, employee documentation scanning using the device’s camera, offline document libraries and events portals. The app also engages new hires from day one through searchable team member profiles, quick links to other essentials company apps, and native notifications.

For HR personnel, the MiracleTek Onboarding App eliminates the need to manually audit employee documentation. This, in turn, saves both time and resources. The app will provide interactive offline reports, further enhancing HR analytics and insights on the onboarding process for businesses.

“This is an exciting development for both MiracleTek and SilkRoad,” commented Michael Ioannakis, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our teams have designed an app that provides a continuum of experiences to the key stakeholders of the organization. In addition to helping new hires overcome first-day challenges and seamlessly become part of the productive workforce, it boosts the efficiency of everyone involved in onboarding, throughout the entire organisation.”

Ioannakis explained that the mobile app aligns with SilkRoad’s ‘open and connected’ strategy. This strategy is based on the ‘Talent Activation’ framework being developed by SilkRoad. Talent Activation engages employees, via the SilkRoad suite of products, and supports the alignment of talent management with organizational outcomes. It ensures that SilkRoad apps feature two fundamental characteristics: flexibility to adapt to the businesses implementing them and continuous engagement throughout the talent management cycle.

The MiracleTek Onboarding mobile app will be the first to have effectively implemented SilkRoad’s Talent Activation framework- leading the way for other SilkRoad partners. Kamran Kheirolomoom, SilkRoad’s Executive Vice President Strategy, Products and Marketing, announced that he is passionate about driving an open API framework and developing through partners, including MiracleTek. That way, the SilkRoad ‘stack’ can be a truly open and accessible structure for the Talent Activation strategy. In return, the SilkRoad user community will get their hands on world class solutions which that will further help them meet their goals.

The release of the MiracleTek Onboarding Mobile App for SilkRoad will coincide with SilkRoad’s upcoming 2016 release. A trial of the app will be available to a number of SilkRoad clients who have expressed their interest.

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