Title & Download Description File
MiracleTek’s Data Handling Policy (62 downloads) This document defines MiracleTek’s policy on data creation, storage, access, transmission, and sovereignty. PDF
Georgiou Case Study (408 downloads) This case study demonstrates how Miracle Mobile Platform added value to different business functions at Georgiou Group (Pty.) Ltd. PDF
Miracle Mobile Platform (384 downloads) Miracle Mobile Platform PDF
Miracle Mobile Platform - Business Benefits (382 downloads) Miracle Mobile Platform – Business Benefits PDF
Miracle Mobile Platform - Technical Fact Sheet (332 downloads) All technical details that you need to know about the Miracle mobile platform. PDF
Standard Form (252 downloads) What will we create for you when you purchase Miracle Mobile Platform. Have a look in this brochure. PDF
Mobilise Forms (233 downloads) If you’re looking to mobilise your forms, look no further! The MiracleTek mobile forms solution removes paper off the desk and increases productivity! PDF
Miracle Studio Brochure (256 downloads) Miracle Studio is a web-based easy to use design environment where business users and IT can create their mobile apps. PDF
Miracle Mobile Platform - Fair Usage Policy (195 downloads) Miracle Mobile Platform’s Fair Usage Policy (“FUP”) is intended to ensure high levels of availability and quality service to all MiracleTek’s clients. PDF