Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.16.8

Release Notes for Miracle Mobile Services 1.16.82019-03-05T16:33:20+08:00

Released in February 2019, Miracle Mobile Services 1.16.8 is bundled with Miracle Studio 1.2.22 and Miracle Mobile App 1.9.0 for iOS and Windows and 1.0.95 for Android. It provides the necessary support for all the updates and fixes to the components of Miracle Mobile Forms.

New in 1.16.8      

  • Support for New Mobile App Creation Flow – Miracle Mobile Services 1.16.8 includes support for the new Mobile App Creation flow. Introduced with Miracle Studio 1.2.22, the flow enables form designers to create apps easily and quickly.
  • Support for Registration with Business Email Address – The latest version of Miracle Mobile Services includes support for the new Miracle Studio sign up process. Users can no longer use personal or free email addresses (e.g. Gmail or Hotmail) to sign up for the form designer. Instead, they need to enter their business email addresses.

Updates in 1.16.8

  • Security Enhancements – We have enhanced the security measures of Miracle Mobile App, especially with regards to re-logging into the app after a session expires.

Fixes in 1.16.8

  • Connector Bugs – We have resolved several bugs related to the User Management Connector and the ADFS SAML Authentication Connector.
  • Browser Sharing Issue – To enhance accuracy, users can no longer open two separate apps in different tabs of the same browser.