Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.0.15

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.0.152019-03-05T15:39:30+08:00

On 7 December 2017, Miracle Mobile released the latest version of its enterprise app development platform, Miracle Studio 1.0.15. This version introduces a new feature and update, and delivers several fixes to known issues.

New in 1.0.15

  • Remove Button for Image Picker – We have added a Remove button to the Image Picker control, allowing Miracle App users to remove images they capture via camera or select from the device’s gallery. Miracle Studio users can customize the button’s properties, including its background color and font size.

Updates in 1.0.15

  • Miracle Studio Login Page – To deliver better user experience, we have added Miracle App download links (Android, iOS, and Windows) to the Miracle Studio Login Page.

Fixes in 1.0.15

  • Control Data Submission Issues – We have resolved the bugs affecting data submissions from the Repeater, Stepper, and Slider controls.
  • Email PDF Issues – Unfilled input fields will be properly  displayed with only their labels appearing in PDFs.
  • Connectors Issues – Connector-related bugs have been addressed in this release, including the one affecting the replacement of old records with new ones.  
  • UI Issues – We delivered several improvements to Miracle Studio’s user interfaces, addressing issues such the main settings windows being hidden behind a long list of entities in the autocomplete field at the top of the Connections page.
  • Trigger Migration Bug – All the values from the secondary services of triggers are now properly migrated.