Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.2.22

Release Notes for Miracle Studio 1.2.222019-03-05T15:46:51+08:00

Released in February 2019, Miracle Studio 1.2.22 delivers a more simplified approach to mobile app creation. The latest release of the form designer also rolls out updates and fixes which streamline form design and add business value.

New in 1.2.22

  • New Mobile App Creation Screen – Upon tapping the +NEW MOBILE APP button, form designers will be navigated to the new ‘Create New Mobile App’ screen. New users will directly land on this screen upon logging in for the first time. Through this screen, form designers can set the App Name, and opt to use an auto-generated App Code or add their own.
  • App Code in Tab Title – The App Code will be displayed in the title of a browser tab. This will ensure form designers they are working on the right app.

Updates in 1.2.22

  • Registration with Business Email Address – New sign ups with personal or free email addresses (e.g. Gmail or Hotmail) have been disabled. Now, users registering for Miracle Studio may only do so by entering their business email addresses.
  • Customizable Buttons for Location Control – Users can now configure the Refresh and Map buttons which appear with the Location control.

Fixes in 1.2.22                                                                                                                                    

  • UI Fixes – Improvements have been made to update the user interface of Miracle Studio and pages such as Change Password.
  • Tasks Bugs – We fixed issues related to Tasks to enhance task creation.
  • Connector Bugs – Issues related to the UI and functionality of Miracle Studio connectors have been fixed.
  • Mapping Issues – We have resolved issues related to control mapping in Page Designer.
  • Browser Sharing Issue – To enhance accuracy, users can no longer open two separate apps in different tabs of the same browser.
  • Assets Fixes – We have resolved issues related to the upload of Assets to Miracle Studio.